December 5, 2009

 Butternut is one of the best woods for traditional carvings which are to be finished natural. The light brown color with distinct grain pattern as well as soft texture and uniform density make butternut perfect for antique shore birds, decoys and animals, or other carvings where an antique look is desired. Some  butternut may contain small pin holes from borers. While the borers are gone, the holes remain and the wood has an old appearance. These practice block is 1 1/2″ square by 10″ long and is sold individually.


Question…Prize awarded !

June 6, 2009

Here i award another gift for questions sent in. Today’s gift is a set of blades.


Guitar Carving! Check out the video

June 6, 2009

How about this guitar carving? Take a look at this project about 3/4 the way through.

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woodcarving question prize !!!!!

May 7, 2009

Today we have an award to John for his question. Send in YOUR questions for a chance to win, too!


Pictures of carvings from Steve North

April 23, 2009



Ok folks here are a pair of really good caricatures of creatures….great for a childs room or a gift. Way to go Steve!

Send in your pictures….



your woodcarving photos

April 12, 2009

Photos of carvings by Russel Dee Riddle. He carved these from basswood and painted them. Not bad, eh?

Hey gang!
I am sharing our groups woodcarving photos on the newsletter and the blog , so send them in to me via email. Try to send them in a LARGE format so we can see ’em, OK?



woodcarving questions contest

April 12, 2009

I am having a contest for wood carving questions sent to me. I have prizes and I’ll be sharing these questions with other carvers via my eamil newsletter and this blog.

Send in your questions and you could win a cool tool!
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wood carving basics #1

January 25, 2009

Woodcarving Basics


There is woodcarving and there is whittling as the old-timers call it, the latter of which is the oldest of the two forms. The three main things required to begin carving are 1. Either a whittling knife or a six piece basic carving set, 2. A soft wood, and 3. Imagination and desire.


As you progress in talent you may graduate up to chainsaws and hardwoods but for today we will stick with the basics. The basic six piece carving set consist of the following tools: A straight gouger, straight veiner, straight chisel, bent v-tool, straight skew, and a bent chisel.


 These tools come in different handle shapes so it is up to you to decide which type feels more comfortable in your hand. Most sets can be purchased for under $50.00.


There are four basic types of woodcarving you can do and each type may require different tools for the job. As stated earlier whittling is the oldest of these and requires nothing more than a carving knife. Then, there is Carving in the Round, Relief Carving, and Chip Carving.


For hand carvers the best wood choices are Basswood, Pine, and Cottonwood. If you choose wood that is either to soft or to hard you will not be able to achieve the desired results. Once you have the correct tools and wood in hand the rest is up to you.


Woodcarving is a wonderfully inexpensive hobby that allows the artist to escape pressures we all face and let the problems of the day float to the floor along with the shavings.


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Free woodcarving lessons.. in video !!!

January 22, 2009

Hi there;

Seems that I jsut finished compiling all those lessons into one place …finally !!! whew! what a job! anyhoo, if you want to get all ten of the video lessons on ‘how to carve a wood spirit in cottonwood bark’ go to www.carvingtricks.com and sign up for the videos. It’s easy and it’s FREE !!!!

My HARD AS HECK outdoor carving

November 29, 2008

Hey folks; I have created a short video to show you my outdoor carving, on a dead tree in my yard. Click on this link to see the video